Stop Slacking

Reply to Slack messages via email. Stay focused.

How it works

Image of you getting mentioned on Slack.

You get mentioned on Slack.

Image of Stop Slacking notification in your email.

You get an email from Stop Slacking.

Image of you replying to the Stop Slack email notification.

You reply to the email.

Image of your reply displayed on Slack.

Your message is posted on Slack.

Who's this for?

Stop Slacking is designed for folks who:

  • have bandwidth or data restrictions
  • have an established email workflow
  • can't convince their team to stop using Slack

Get Started

  1. Grab your Slack workspace token at:
  2. Email the token to:
  3. Done! You're subscribed.

The Slack token is a password that allows us to read and send messages on your behalf (which is the point).

Should you even email passwords? To a free service with a hand drawn website? Made by people living in a campervan? Is this what's really behind the internet?